2010 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2010-10-29 My Story Darrel Carson Play
2010-09-24 The Seat of Honor Bruce Blum Play
2010-09-10 The Reset Button Bruce Blum Play
2010-08-27 Choices Ed Fargusson Play
2010-06-11 No Escape Unscathed Bruce Blum Play
2010-05-21 On Whose Authority Bruce Blum Play
2010-04-23 Cleansing the Temple Bruce Blum Play
2010-04-04 The Centurion's Wife Janice Nelson Play
2010-03-28 The_Problem_of_Peace.mp3 Bruce Blum Play
2010-03-01 Thriving In This Financial Climate.mp3 Gordon Botting Play